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The K98 Mauser is for sale every day. You can buy this and other popular antique and collectible rifles, the world’s largest gun auction site. Mauser was a major German arms manufacturer for years, and this WWII model is a great example of their work. Sellers update their listings frequently, so if you’re looking to buy a hard-to-find K98 Mauser check back often.

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Meet the Mauser 98k | The Best Military Rifle of All Time?

Karabiner 98k Mauser rifle

History, technical sheet, and photo

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Karabiner 98k Mauser rifle history

Mauser kar98 carabine germany 1935 made available. Buy Karabiner 98k online from a legit FFL dealer in firearms. Best services and best rates to all. Karabiner 98k accessories are available too for sale. The KAR 98 rifle was created, as its name suggests, in 1898 by German engineer Paul Mauser and entry, attracts the attention of many nations that buy this weapon, such as Spain, China, or Still Belgium.

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Immediately after its creation in 1898, the Buy Karabiner 98k  rifle became the standard weapon of the Wehrmacht, the German Empire army. The Mauser factories in 1935 developed a new version of the rifle, called K98 k, k for Kurz (short in German). Indeed, this last version is shorter than the standard K98, used during the First World War. German mauser k98 has been the best of all times.

Buy Karabiner 98k

All the German soldiers who trained before and during the Second World War were with this rifle.

Like the Lee Enfield Mark 1 No. 4, Buy Karabiner 98k  could be modified to serve as a precision shooter weapon by adding a rifle scope. It was also possible to transform this rifle into a grenade launcher.

The Mauser KAR 98 k was the reference weapon of the entire German army. It was most often the only gun of the soldiers during the whole duration of the conflict. At that time his price was 70 marks per unit.

According to The History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, Buy Karabiner 98k was “the best bolt action rifle ever made.” Author Robert W.D. Ball added that the Mauser was “a safe and robust rifle with a five-round clip and the world’s most popular rifle; 30 countries used it, and 100 million units were manufactured between 1898-1945, during which it was employed in both world wars by the German Army. At 49 inches long, the shorter carbine K98k World War II version witnessed 14 million produced.”


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