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Buy P229 Legion compact online


The Sig Sauer® P229® Legion Compact Semi-Auto Pistol is finished in a proprietary Legion gray PVD coating. The P229 is compact enough to carry concealed

Buy P229 Legion compact online

Buy P229 Legion compact online from the USA and have it shipped to any state in the USA. We also ship our guns discreetly worldwide. The Premier Firearms Deals marketplace goes beyond guns for sale and offers hunting gear, gun parts/accessories, collectibles, and much more. Have any questions? Feel free to ask and safe lives. Even if you are not ready to buy from us we can still answer your questions. Buying your next gun online at the best price. First-of-its-kind rimfire from Premier Fire Arms Deals is high capacity with an anodized aluminum slide, co-witnessing iron sights, a target-crowned threaded barrel and comes suppressor ready. So who wants to have a little more fun on the range? Contact Premier Firearms deals and Buy P229 Legion compact online at the best rates.

More features about P229 Legion compact

Buy P229 Legion compact online

The Legion P229 is finished in a Cerakote® Elite Legion gray coating, custom G-10 grips with a Legion medallion, the new SIG SAUER Electro-Optics X-RAY high visibility day/night sights, and will ship with three magazines. The P229 in DA/SA include a reduced and contoured Elite beavertail, which allows for a higher grip, but a reduced profile, thus eliminating printing. More aggressive front strap checkering and additional checkering under the trigger guard enhance the grip. An X-Five undercut has been applied to the trigger guard, allowing for a higher grip and greater control. Front cocking serrations provide greater purchase for cycling the action, clearing the firearm, or conducting press checks.

What you get from Legion P229 complete package

Legion P229 complete package

Each Legion gun comes with a case, a Legion challenge coin and three high-quality magazines. You’ll also have access to Legion-specific gear and accessories, all of which is made by top-notch manufacturers in the industry. Currently, Legion Kydex holsters are made by Black Point Tactical, a premier holster-maker. Legion knives are also available from seasoned knifemakers like Daniel Winkler, and soon SureFire will join the Legion accessories stable. All of the Legion-logoed merchandise is top tier. Nothing whatsoever going into this program is low grade.

Specifications of 229RM-9-LEGION

The pistol is available in 9 mm and also features low-profile decocking and slide catch levers to reduce the risk of snagging. An enhanced polished action with the SRT (Short-Reset Trigger) is augmented with a Grayguns, Inc. designed P-SAIT trigger. In addition, a solid steel guide rod adds weight where it matters most.

p229 legion compact safety

p229 legion compact safety

As for safety, there is no safety switch located on the gun itself. Instead, there are 4 different internal mechanisms, which guarantee the safety of the pistol. SIG calls this its 4-point safety system. You are at the right place to purchase Sig Sauer P229 gun with safety measures.The added safety of a double-action pistol is paramount for many. Some shooters prefer having a heavier trigger pull on the first shot, followed by a crisp single-action pull. Carrying a sidearm with the exposed hammer down fits many law enforcement policies yet allows for manual operation of the hammer when needed. Striker-fired pistols are not always approved for personal use, duty weapons or off-duty applications. Outside the United States, the DA/SA action is still the preferred system. When done properly, it is anything but a hindrance and can be advantageous.

purchase Sig Sauer P229 gun


Buy P229 Legion compact online

SKU                               229RM-9-LEGION
CALIBER                         9mm Luger
MAGS INCLUDED          (3) 10rd Steel Mag
SIGHTS                          X-Ray (Square)
PISTOL SIZE                 Compact
OVERALL LENGTH       7.4 in [188 mm]
OVERALL WIDTH          1.5 in [38 mm]
HEIGHT                          5.4 in (137 mm)
BARREL LENGTH          3.9 in (99 mm)
WEIGHT                          32 oz (907 g)
SIGHT RADIUS               5.7 in (145 mm)
GRIP TYPE                     Black G10
GRIP COLOR                  Black
BARREL MATERIAL       Carbon Steel
FRAME FINISH               Legion Gray
SLIDE FINISH                 Legion Gray
SLIDE MATERIAL          Stainless Steel
OPTIC READY              No

popular double-action/single-action pistols from Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer has been building one of the most popular double-action/single-action pistols for years, the P229. Chambered in either 9mm, .40 or .357 SIG, it is compact yet large enough for serious duty or self-defense use. The pistol’s standard trigger pulls are solid, with the ability to tune them from the factory. Its grips can be changed to fit most hands. Its accuracy in any chambering is stellar with unparalleled reliability and longevity. Service lives in 9mm variants often exceed 100,000 rounds. There are just a few things that would make the P229 even better, and Sig Sauer’s new Legion program has addressed those areas nicely. Having spent significant time on a P229, along with the P226 and P220, the company’s new Legion pistol is a true cut above.


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