Buy Blazer 38 Special Ammo online


Buy Blazer 38 Special Ammo online –

1000 Rounds of 125 Grain FMJ Ammunition

Buy Blazer 38 Special Ammo online –

1000 Rounds of 125 Grain FMJ Ammunition

Buy Blazer 38 Special Ammo online from primer firearms deals your number one Blazer 38 Special Ammo online supplier in the USA. Best rates and shipping to all states are possible. From 1892 through 1911, the .38 Long Colt served as the official revolver of the U.S. Army, but as time progressed and the M1892 revolver went through six model modifications, it became evident that the cartridge was less than sufficient. This was discovered first during the Spanish-American War, and then again during the Philippine insurrection after the turn of the century.

While the ammunition wasn’t accurate, it had more problems than just limited stopping power. In one account from 1905, it was reported that a prisoner on the island of Samar attempted to escape and ended up in hand-to-hand combat with the American soldier who was guarding him. The prisoner was shot four times at close range, three bullets entering his chest and one in his hand, yet it was the following blow to the forehead, administered from the butt of a Springfield carbine, that eventually stopped the man.

The Development of the .38 Special

Due to the military’s discontent with the options of the time, gun manufacturers were designing and creating new cartridges, trying to get the power and force the military needed while still keeping cartridges safe, lightweight, and affordable. In 1902, Smith & Wesson released the .38 Special in its Military and Police model revolver, and it quickly rose to its well-deserved fame.


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