PMC 25 ACP Ammo – 1000 Rounds of 50 Grain FMJ Ammunition


PMC 25 ACP Ammo – 1000 Rounds of 50 Grain FMJ Ammunition

25 ACP Ammo For Sale

Buy PMC 25 ACP Ammo – 1000 Rounds of 50 Grain FMJ Ammunition from primer firearms deals at the best rates. Best bulk supply online where you buy more and spend less. First created by John Browning in 1905, the .25 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) is a centerfire cartridge that was designed for the Fabrique Nationale (FN) Model 1905 pistol, a vest pocket pistol made for gentlemen of the era. The firearm was released in Belgium in 1906 and quickly rose to popularity.

The .25 caliber ammo, often called .25 Auto, measures 6.35 x 16mmSR, or semi-rimmed, and is typically used in subcompact semi-automatic pistols. It features a standard 50 grain (gr) bullet that sits in a semi-rimmed, straight-walled casing and is fed into the firing chamber via a removable magazine.

Often a jacketed lead bullet, the projectile of this cartridge measures .251 inch while the case base measures .278 inch. The standard .25 ACP ammo has a .043 inch rim thickness and a rim diameter of .302 inch. The case length is .615 inches, while the overall length of the full cartridge is slightly larger than the popular .22LR at .91 inch.

While it’s not the most popular ammunition by any means, the .25 Auto is still around, even though many of its contemporary competitors have become obsolete and are now unheard of. In the modern era, many consider the .25 ACP a niche round and the cartridge continues to hold its place in the low power, low caliber ammunition world.

Development of the .25 ACP Ammo

When Browning released the .25 ACP ammunition in 1905, it was to a European audience. In 1908, the cartridge was released in the United States with the Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol. These pistols shared the same blowback design as the 1905 original chambered for the .25 ACP. This style continues to be mimicked in most .25 ACP chambered semi-auto handguns, even today. These styles of pistols were some of the first guns designed for concealed carry and were used by men who wanted to keep their firearms undetectable or to carry an undisclosed pistol for backup.

Due to their small size and low power, these pistols were often dismissed as mouse guns and considered by many too small for anything but show. Add in a series of poor quality .25 Auto chambered firearms released from Spanish and American gun companies during the early 20th century, and the cartridge’s reputation became even more damaged. However, the .25 ACP is lethal and firearms of this caliber should be treated with the same respect as larger caliber weapons.

The .25 ACP for Self Defense

Even with the mixed opinions of .25 caliber ammo, these early blowback pistols and their modern counterparts became popular for concealed carry and as purse pistols. While not the biggest cartridge or the most deadly, the .25 Auto has held its place in the world of self-defense pistols and concealed carry weapons since its inception over 100 years ago.

Due to the ammunition’s small size, firearms chambered for .25 ACP ammo are often smaller than an adult’s palm. Individuals can easily conceal the firearms on their person and these guns are often used as backups found in purses, pockets, and boots on civilians, soldiers, law enforcement, and even spies throughout the world.

The caliber may be small (the smallest centerfire ammunition in production), but it addresses and attempts to fix the common problems faced by other small-caliber rounds. Many small calibers, including the .22 Long, .22 Short, .22LR, and .17 HMR, face reliability issues because of their rimfire design. The .25 ACP is significantly more reliable than these and other rimfire cartridges, simply due to its centerfire primer.


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