Federal 25 ACP Ammo – 1000 Rounds of 50 Grain FMJ Ammunition


Federal 25 ACP Ammo – 1000 Rounds of 50 Grain FMJ Ammunition

25 ACP Ballistics

There’s no doubt that the .25 caliber ammunition is smaller than ideal for many situations, including self-defense and hunting – but that doesn’t make the ammo obsolete or useless. In fact, with its mild recoil and relatively decent accuracy, the .25 ACP cartridge is reliable and durable as a backup, concealed carry weapon, last resort gun, or as a firearm for shooting small pests and vermin.

While it has a surprising velocity, averaging between 760 to 815 feet per second (fps), the delivered energy from a .25 ACP often leaves its shooter desiring more. And while its stopping power doesn’t compare to higher-caliber ammunition, the .25 ACP is still lethal, can cause significant damage to a threat, and can act as a deterrent when the situation’s needed.

When it comes to stopping power, this small cartridge doesn’t create a wound near the size made by high-power pistol ammo, like the .357 Magnum or even the .38 Special, but it can stop a threat. The average bullet wound for .25 Auto ammo has a diameter the size of a pencil and penetrates anywhere from seven to 11 inches (the length of a standard pencil is 7.5 inches). While a .25 cal bullet may not leave giant holes in a perpetrator, six or seven pencil-sized holes shot through a torso definitely create stopping power.


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