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The TEC-9 is equipped with a Mil-STD 1913 rail for mounting iron sights and optics. Sol Invictus Arms offers the TEC-9 in different barrel lengths and Arm Brace configurations, including a carbine variant equipped with a 16″ Barrel and adjustable rifle stock.

Chambered in 9mm, the TEC-9 product line from Sol Invictus Arms has the most popular pistol caliber covered all in one platform.

An ideal pistol  on the move, the Tec-9 is lethal in close quarters and features a high magazine capacity


Tec-9 Tactics

  • The Tec-9 is best tapered aiming at the head, due to its above-average first-shot accuracy and ability to one-hit headshot kill helmeted enemies.
  • Although the Tec-9 can unleash a high rate of fire, spamming the weapon will result in heavy inaccuracy and recoil.
  • It is rather best not to engage groups of enemies without a teammate providing cover fire as the Tec-9’s accuracy won’t do much to save you.
  • The Tec-9 can be an acceptable sidearm with a sniper rifle.
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  • Specifications
    Mass 1.23–1.4 kg depending on model
    Length 241–317 mm depending on model
    Barrel length 76–127 mm depending on model

    Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum
    Caliber 9mm
    Action Blowback-operatedsemi-automatic pistol
    Muzzle velocity 1,181 ft/s (360 m/s)
    Effective firing range 50 m (160 ft)
    Feed system 10-, 20-, 32-, 36- and 50-round box magazine, 72-round drum magazine
    Sights Iron sight

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TEC-9, originally the KG-99, was a semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum that was designed by Intratec, an American offshoot of Interdynamic AB. The TEC-9 was made of inexpensive molded polymers and a mixture of stamped and milled steel parts. This article also covers the similar TEC-DC9 and AB-10 models

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Distributer: RWA (Made in Hong Kong)

Model: Interdynamic KG-9

Materials: Steel, aluminum, and plastic (polymer) construction.

Weight: 3.22 pounds (1460 grams).

Length: 15.7 inches (398mm).

Propulsion: AEG.

Action: Full auto only.

Ammunition Type: 6mm Airsoft BB’s

Ammunition Capacity: 90 round magazines (Comes with 2).

FPS: 360+.

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Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is what you would expect from an AEG pistol as it is basically an on/off switch. Since the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is full auto only it is not easy to shoot a single shot,

it can be done with a very short trigger pull but even then you get the occasional multiple shot. The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol like the real steel original version is full auto only and that’s what makes it so fun!

Tec-9 pistols Super gun for sale

Accuracy: I did get a chance to take the RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol outside and put some rounds through my Chronograph and downrange at a paper target. I averaged just under 340 fps using .20 gram 6mm Airsoft BB’s which is about perfect for this compact machine pistol.

I also placed about 10 rounds down range 30 feet back using my standard semi-rested shooting position while trying to shoot in semi-auto and got a pretty decent 1.5 to 2-inch grouping that was a little high but well centered left to right. The elevation could be adjusted using the hop-up.

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Build Quality: The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is really one of the best-made Airsoft guns I have seen in a while, all the metal parts are going to be real steel or aluminum, not your standard zinc alloy found in most airguns these days.

The full upper is stamped steel along with the 90 round magazines, the lower is plastic with a few aluminum parts here and there. The fit and finish are also excellent!

Realism: The RWA KG-9 AEG Airsoft Machine Pistol is a replica of the Swedish-made Interdynamic KG9 Open Bolt SMP, not the nitrates Tec-9 which was the American version of the KG9.

For the most part, the RWA Airsoft version is exact with the exception of the barrel shroud being slightly longer to accommodate the 7.4v LiPo batteries.

where to Buy Tec-9 pistols Super online

where to Buy Tec-9 pistols Super online


  • Lots of steel in this gun including full upper, barrel, pins, and magazines.

  • Very high-quality build with a solid weight and excellent fit and finish.

  • Fairly high rate full-auto fire.

  • Comes with battery and two magazines.

  • Has an almost perfect usable working rate of fire averaging around 340 fps with decent overall accuracy.

  • Working cocking handle.

  • Fully Licensed.


  • No blowback but there is some recoil feel from the heavy spring action.

  • No semi-auto mode, full auto only.

  • Sights are not adjustable, can only use hop-up to adjust elevation.

  • Limited on battery choices.

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Looking for more information on the TEC 9 pistol? You’re in the right place – here we like to gather some basic info on popular gun models and manufacturers for your use. When making big purchases like firearms and other weaponry it’s important to have as much information about them as possible.

Take a moment to read our piece on TEC 9 pistols and then head over to our auction pages. Or, if you’re interested in owning TEC 9, get some ideas for your own product description from our background on the TEC 9.

TEC 9 History & Specs


The Tec-9’S Firepower, Concealability, And Military Features Make It Uniquely Well-Suited For Use In Mass Shootings.

The TEC-9 is a direct descendant of military machine pistols, which provide soldiers with maximum firepower in a small, light-weight, easily maneuverable package. Machine pistols are most effective against multiple targets in close quarters, where precisely aimed shots are not as important as a large volume of fire.

The TEC-9 retains most of the characteristics of machine pistols and serves the same purpose. While it lacks a fully automatic rate of fire, its 32-round magazine can be emptied in seconds. The unique destructive capacity of assault weapons like the TEC-9 makes them particularly attractive.

The TEC-9 ventilated barrel shroud is a feature normally found only on military-style firearms, not on conventional handguns. Its primary purpose is to allow the shooter to grasp the barrel and sweep the weapon from side to side while firing rapidly — called a “spray fire” technique — without burning his or her hands.

It also helps to stabilize the weapon during rapid firing. If discharged rapidly using a spray fire technique (an experienced shooter can empty a 32-round magazine in seconds), the TEC-9 can be used very effectively in close quarters against 5 to 10 individuals.

Mass 1.23–1.4 kg depending on model
Length 241–317 mm depending on model
Barrel length 76–127 mm depending on model

Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum
Caliber 9mm
Action Blowback-operatedsemi-automatic pistol
Muzzle velocity 1,181 ft/s (360 m/s)
Effective firing range 50 m (160 ft)
Feed system 10-, 20-, 32-, 36- and 50-round box magazine, 72-round drum magazine
Sights Iron sight

The TEC-9’s relatively compact size allows a shooter to transport a maximum of firepower with maximum of ease, and with far greater concealability than other weapons of similar firepower.

For example, the TEC-9 is capable of being hidden under a car seat, in a duffel bag, or slung under a jacket. No other weapon available had more firepower than the TEC-9 while remaining concealable in a briefcase.

Originally designed as a fully automatic submachine gun, the TEC 9 was created by Intratec, the American branch of Swedish Interdynamic AB. Based on the Carl Gustav M/45 the TEC 9 was chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and designed for military use.

After unsuccessfully trying to find a military buyer, Intratec redesigned the TEC 9 from an open-bolt to a closed-bolt system so that it could not be as easily modified to fully automatic and marketed it to US civilian shooters.

As a semi-automatic pistol, the TEC 9 was manufactured from 1985 to 1990 and made appearances in movies and TV shows like Miami Vice.

Interdynamic KG-9 “assault pistol” with 20 and 30 round magazines


Tec-9 pistols Super shop

Interdynamic KG-9 “assault pistol”, bolt locked in open (cocked) position, with 20 round magazine


Prototype Interdynamic MP9 submachine gun

Prototype Interdynamic MP9 submachine gun


Intratec DC-9 pistol with screw-on barrel extension (fake silencer)

Intratec DC-9 pistol with screw-on barrel extension (fake silencer)


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Intratec AB-10, a “post-ban” (post-1994) reincarnation of the Intratec TEC-9 pistol, shown without magazine. The major differences from “pre-1994” TEC-9 pistol are un-shrouded and un-thread barrel, and different markings; the basic design is the same.

Intratec AB-10, a “post-ban” (post-1994) reincarnation of the Intratec TEC-9 pistol, is shown without a magazine. The major differences from the “pre-1994” TEC-9 pistol are un-shrouded and un-thread barrel and different markings; the basic design is the same.


Caliber   9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight unloaded 1400 g 1230 g 1260 g
Length 317 mm 241 mm 266 mm
Barrel length 127 mm (5″) 76 mm (3″) 76 mm (3″)
Magazine capacity 10, 20, 32 or 50 rounds


The Intratec TEC DC-9 “assault pistol”, also known as DC-9, TEC-9, or, if manufactured after 1994, as AB-10, bears the dubious distinction of being one of the most widely used “criminal” guns in the USA. It was used in several mass murder cases, as well as in unknown, but definitely a large number of street fights and other violent crimes.

TEC-9 became “famous” for its “evil” appearance, large magazine capacity (which offered significant firepower), and low price. Unsurprisingly, these features made TEC-9 very popular among various marginal types.

For any serious or professional shooter, this gun was of little value – it was too big and heavy to be carried comfortably, it was too unreliable when firing anything but FMJ ammunition, and the accuracy with very crude fixed sights was about marginal.

The TEC-9 Has More Firepower Than Any Other Readily Concealable Weapon.

The TEC-9 represented the maximum amount of firepower commercially available to buyers. The TEC-9 offered firepower approaching or exceeding that of military-type weapons such as the AK-47 and the Colt AR-15. Its use of staggered, double-column ammunition magazines is associated with military or law enforcement, civilian shooting requirements.

Even large capacity, commercially available semi-automatic pistols such as the Glock 17 cannot match the firepower of the TEC-9.

After being put on California’s list of banned weapons Intratec rebranded the TEC 9 as the TEC-DC9 from 1990 to 1994. Very similar in design, the most noticeable difference was a move of the rings that attached to the carrier sling from the side of the gun to a removable metal clip on the back of the gun.


Soon however both the TEC 9 and the TEC-DC9 were banned in the US, forcing Intratec to craft the AB-10, a miniature TEC 9 with a threaded muzzle/barrel shroud and a 10 round magazine rather than a 20 or 30 round magazine.

The AB 10 was still compatible with its predecessors’ high capacity rounds, however. Intratec went out of business in 2001, ending production on the AB-10.

TEC 9 for Sale Today If you’re looking for TEC 9 components, accessories, and ammunition you’re sure to find the models and brands you prefer.
The Tec-9 Is A Semi-Automatic Version Of A Military Submachinegun

The TEC-9 is a semi-automatic version of a military submachine gun. Although it has been marketed under various names — the KG-9, the KG-99, the TEC-9, and the TEC-DC9 — and by various companies owned and operated by the Garcia family, the basic design of the weapon has remained virtually unchanged.

The company decided to manufacture the KG-9 because of the growing market for military-style guns in the United States. The KG-9’s manual described it as:

Combining the high capacity and controlled firepower of the military submachine gun with the legal status and lightweight of a handgun. The term “assault pistol” was coined by the firearms industry to describe the KG-9 as an illegal machine gun, due to the ease with which it could be converted to fully automatic fire.

The TEC-9’s Threaded Barrel Readily Accommodates Silencers and Barrel Extensions.

Absent from the original KG-9, at some point the company added threading to the barrel. The TEC-9’s barrel is threaded to accept accessories such as a silencer or barrel extension.

The barrel is threaded to the same size as the MAC-10 weapons, to accept Sionics suppressors (silencers).

There is no legitimate use for a silencer. No one interested in using the TEC-9 for self-defense or recreation would be interested in a silencer; if they were, it would indicate a criminal purpose.


Swedish company Interdynamic AB of Stockholm designed the Interdynamic MP-9 9mm submachine gun. Intended as an inexpensive submachine gun based on the Carl Gustav M/45 for military applications,

Interdynamic did not find a government buyer, so it was brought to the US market as an open-bolt semi-automatic KG-9 pistol. Due to it being an open-bolt weapon, it was easy to convert to full-auto.

Because of this, the ATF forced Interdynamic to redesign it into a closed-bolt system, which was harder to convert to full-auto. This variant was called the KG-99. It made frequent appearances on Miami Vice, where it was legally converted to full-auto by Title II manufacturers. The TEC-9 was produced from 1985 to 1994.

After the Cleveland School massacre, the TEC-9 was on California’s list of banned weapons. To circumvent this, Intratec rebranded a variant of the TEC-9 as the TEC-DC9 from 1990 to 1994 (DC standing for “Designed for California”).

The most noticeable external difference between the TEC-9 and the later TEC-DC9 is that rings to hold the sling were moved from the side of the gun with the cocking handle, to a removable stamped metal clip in the back of the gun. The TEC-9 and TEC-DC9 are otherwise identical.

The TEC-9 and, eventually, TEC-DC9 variants were listed among the 19 firearms banned by name in the USA by the now-expired 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB).

This ban caused the cessation of their manufacture, and forced Intratec to introduce a newer model called the AB-10, a TEC-9 Mini without a threaded muzzle/barrel shroud and limited to a 10 round magazine instead of a 20 or 32 round magazine. However, it accepted the high-capacity magazines of the pre-ban models.

The weapon was the subject of controversy following its use in the 101 California Street shootings and later the Columbine High School massacre. California amended its 1989 Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act (AWCA) later in 1999, effective January 2000, to ban firearms having features such as barrel shrouds.

In 2001, the Supreme Court of California ruled that Intratec was not liable for the 1993 California Street attacks. The company went out of business and production of the AB-10 ceased the same year.



In 1989, California passed the Roberti-Roos assault weapons ban, which listed the TEC-9 as a prohibited firearm unless registered. In 1990, the TEC-9 was renamed to the TEC-DC9, DC standing for “Designed for California, to circumvent the ban. One change was made, the sling lugs were moved to the top of the gun.


In 1994, congress passed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, the act that prohibited guns with certain cosmetic features. The TEC-9 and TEC-DC9 were listed as banned by name, so Intratec made a ban compliant version called the AB-10 or “After Ban”. This model lacked the barrel shroud and threaded barrel specifically prohibited and was sold with 10-round magazines.

However, the gun was also often sold with Pre-Ban 32-round magazines. In 2001, Intratec went bankrupt and the AB-10 was discontinued.


  • Despite popular belief, the TEC-9 is not a submachine gun or machine pistol despite appearing as such; the weapons were never manufactured with full-automatic capability from the factory.


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