buy Speer Lawman 357 Sig Ammo online


buy Speer Lawman 357 Sig Ammo online

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Buy Speer Lawman 357 Sig Ammo online from the licensed suppliers of firearms. Best deals with quality services. Shipping is possible.357 SIG cartridge was introduced in 1994, as a combination of efforts from the Swiss-German company SIG SAUER and the American munitions manufacturing company Federal Premium Ammunitions. With a rimless, bottlenecked case, the .357 SIG was made to mimic the velocity and stopping power of the .357 Magnum, but was designed to be fired from a semi-automatic pistol.

While the original bullet size was .357 inches, it was quickly phased down to .355 inches for ease of use. It was the first bottleneck commercial handgun cartridge since the early 1960s, with the standard form of the ammunition featuring a bullet weighing in at 125 grain (gr), the same average weight of a .357 Mag bullet. This bullet reaches an average velocity of 1,350 feet per second (fps) and muzzle energy of over 500-foot pound-force (ft·lbs), making it easily comparable to the standard .357 Magnum ammunition.

Although many internet sources say the .357 SIG casing is a sized-down .40 S&W case, that’s not quite accurate. The case of the .357 SIG is slightly longer (.009 inch) than the .40 S&W and thicker throughout, making it more similar to a necked-down 10mm.

357 Sig Ammo For Sale

The intent of the .357 Sig was to replicate the effectiveness of the .357 Magnum in a cartridge for use in a semi-auto pistol. This design has been especially successful and well respected among law enforcement and federal agencies – including the Secret Service and Air Marshals. It makes sense, then, that the .357 SIG is popular as a self-defense round. It has immense stopping power and more than reliable accuracy. For those who are proponents of hydrostatic shock, most.357 SIG ammunitions are strong enough to create such a phenomenon, leading to more stopping power and lethality.

Uses for the .357 SIG

The 125 gr .357 Magnum bullet that the .357 SIG is modeled after is a self-defense round with years of proven effectiveness. It has routinely been issued by police agencies for their service revolvers, although the growing popularity of 9mm and .40 S&W (and semi-automatic pistols in general) gradually pushed revolvers, including the .357 Magnum, out of law enforcement circles.

While the .357 SIG is not the most popular law enforcement handgun cartridge, it has been issued by several prominent police agencies as their sidearm cartridge. The first major law enforcement agency to issue the .357 SIG for duty was the Texas Highway Patrol in 1995. Many federal agencies, including the Secret Service, Bureau of Industry and Security and Air Marshals, all continue to use the .357 SIG today.

What’s it Like Shooting the .357 SIG?

The .357 SIG is an exceptionally effective round. It’s accurate, powerful, and easy to shoot – with a bullet that has a high velocity and an unusually flat trajectory for semi-automatic ammunition. Because of this trajectory, it’s accurate at an extended range, especially when compared to similar-sized firearms chambered to other calibers.

Another benefit of the .357 SIG is that the design permits the cartridge to be fired from a .40 S&W pistol just by changing the barrel. This adds a great advantage of not having to purchase multiple firearms to shoot different calibers.

The recoil of the .357 SIG cartridge is comparable to the .40 S&W, is significantly less than the .357 Magnum, and is an easier round to handle according to many shooters. When comparing the velocities, energy, and handleability of cartridges – ranging from the 9mm to the .45 ACP – nothing can match the .357 SIG.

What’s more, because of its unique design among other semi-automatic calibers, the .357 SIG feeds well and rarely, if ever, has an issue loading into a firearm.


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