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Buy PMC 38 Special Ammo online – 1000 Rounds of 132 Grain FMJ Ammunition


There are many things that contribute to the success of the .38 Special cartridge and the firearms that are chambered for it. Some of the most influential factors include the ammo’s accuracy and its minimal recoil.

Many handguns chambered in .38 Special are small revolvers, which are easy to carry and to conceal. These pistols tend to be reliable and have a lower failure rate than many semi-automatic firearms, simply because there’s less to go wrong. This combination of factors makes .38 Special revolvers a popular choice for many people, but especially those who carry concealed for self defense and women, who often look for firearms that are powerful, accurate, and easy to use.

What’s more, bullets for a .38 Special are fairly inexpensive, especially when purchasing bulk ammo, and it makes the revolvers that house it a popular choice among those who like to shoot regularly. In many ways, the .38 Special cartridge is to the revolver what the 9mm cartridge is to the semi-automatic pistol – the best, all-around ammo and top choice for many gun enthusiasts.


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