Buy Glock 27 40 S&W online


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Buy Glock 27 40 S&W online

The good news is you can Buy Glock 27 40 S&W online from Primer firearms deals and have it shipped to the nearest local FFL dealer in your area. The brand-new Gen4 GLOCK 27 chambered in the powerful .40 S&W takes one of the most popular concealed carry pistols. The GLOCK 27 Gen4, in 40 S&W, introduces innovative design changes to this small, light, accurate, and powerful pistol that so many U.S. law enforcement agencies have chosen as their official backup weapon. The Modular back strap design and the reversible magazine catch make it possible to instantly customize its grip to accommodate any hand size. The surface of the frame employs the new Gen4 rough textured technology. A reversible enlarged magazine catch, easily changeable accommodates left and right-handed operators.

Why go in for a Glock 27 40 S&W

Yes, you can purchase a Glock handgun and Glock 27 ammo on this website and have it shipped to a local FFL dealer in your area. Then, you will need to go to that dealer and fulfill the local and state requirements necessary to own a handgun at which time you can take delivery of the gun.The G27 is the Mini or Sub-Compact .40 caliber handgun. Small, light, accurate, and powerful: The GLOCK 27 is the backup weapon for all situations. Because of its comfortable dimensions and the known advantages of the GLOCK pistol family, it is very popular with police on patrol duty, which is why many law enforcement agencies issues this subcompact .40 pistol also as an official backup pistol.

Gen 3 models come with two 9-round magazines.
Gen 4 models come with three 9-round magazines.
Gen 4 models cannot be sold in California expect to qualified Law Enforcement personnel.

Length: 6.29 inches
Height: 4.17 inches
Width: 1.18 inches
Barrel Length: 3.46 inches
Weight: 19.75 oz unloaded

We can and will customize and install parts for you at no charge and ship the gun fully assembled and ready to shoot. Just add the parts to your shopping cart and please make a note in the comments section providing us with any details or special requests.

Glock 27 gen 5 review

 Glock 27 40 S&W for sale

Please check our this glock 27 review. No discounts are available on the purchase of Glock factory handguns. Discounts will only apply to accessories and parts. Firearms must be shipped via FedEx Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge.

Firearm orders generally require 24-48 hours for processing prior to shipping.

we export Glock 27 accessories outside the United States. Also, you can read more from our Glock 27 gen 4 review

NOTE: FFL required for shipment. If you do not have a dealer in mind we can help you find one in your area. If you do have a dealer selected, you must note which FFL will be receiving this item in the Comment box during checkout. Failure to do so could delay your order processing and shipping. If your FFL is not already on file, have them fax a signed copy of their license to 858-569-0505 and include your name and order number on the cover sheet.


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