Buy Galaxy G20 M945


Buy Galaxy G20 M945

Galaxy G20 M945 Springer Airsoft 6 mm BB Full Metal Dark Grey

Currently available.
  • System: jumpers – Spring pressure (Single Shot)
  • Length: 220 mm
  • Total Weight: approx. 641 g
  • Calibre: 6 mm BB (0.12 g recommended)
  • Motion energy Max.: 0.5 joules.
  • – Spring powered
    – Full Scale
    – 15-round mag

Buy Galaxy G20 M945

Galaxy G20 Full Scale M945 pistol in Full Metal 

The Galaxy G20 BB Gun is a replica of the Smith & Wesson M945. This simple airsoft pistol is made from metal, the external catches are for show only and are part of the casting. The G20 BB Gun has a decent sized spring which gives it a velocity of around 260 FPS making it suitable for target shooting in a decent sized garden. It is a springer so you pull back the slide to compress the spring between shots, no batteries or gas required.

the g20 is a full scale replica of a Smith & Wesson M945 bb handgun.

As with all of the pistols from galaxy they are made of full metal with the exception of the black grip and triger that’s made of plastic and they are all spring powered bb guns

The Zinc Alloy Shell makes it feel solid and it has a nice easy grip trigger and the mag is also metal and the gun its self is painted in a blue finish.

the gun has a working safety and a small rail on the under side.

on testing this gun was very accrete and powerful with .20 pellets

it comes with a small pack of 0.12 pellets in the box.

This full size tactical M945 replica style BB handgun is manufactured in metal and durable resin plastic using the UK legal black and two tone colours which have been carefully balanced in colour so that the top slide is blue and the main body remains black. The Galaxy G20 pistol has an ergo friendly design suitable for both left and right handed users. The metal slide on the G20 gives the gun increased sturdiness and an empty weight of 530g which also provides the user with a realistic feel to the gun. The G20 has a spring air repeater firing action, slide top to reload, and features front and rear notch sights. The G20 has an approx. range of 25-35 metres and an estimated output of 250fps using 0.12g pellets. We recommend only using 6mm polished airsoft pellets with the bb handgun.

– Metal Slide and Lower Frame
Plastic Grip Cover
– Fixed Front and Rear Sight
– 15 Rounds Metal Magazine
– Suggested to use 0.12g BB Bullet
– Pistol Holster can attach to the Belt
– Pistol Holster made by polymer
– 20mm lower rail can attach the different equipment

Color : Black
Length: 220mm
Materials: Metal and Plastic
Shooting Mode: Semi
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Powr Source: Spring (air cocking)
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 263 fps (0.12g BB)
Manufacturer: Galaxy


great for at home target its cheap to use as its spring powered you need no gas or batteries to make it work.
also powerful and well built.


  • 1:1 Scale
  • 340 FPS With 0.12g
  • Spring powered pistol
  • Weigh –
  • Length – 9 inch
  • Full Metal
  • 15 Round Magazine
  • Fires Single shot only
  • fixed hop up

In the box:

  • Small pack of pellets 0.12g
  • The gun
  • No Manuel

The Galaxy G20 is a made in the style of Smith & Wesson M945 bb handgun that includes some of the features from the M1911 pistol series, and this model is a full-scale replica of that handgun. You may have seen this gun in an episode of Breaking Bad used by Walter White or Numb3rs as used by Special Agent Colby Granger.
This gun is ideal for target shooting or as a prop.

As with all of the pistols from galaxy, they are made of full metal with the exception of the textured black grip and trigger that’s made of plastic; the inner barrel is also made of metal. The top slide of the g20 has a type of fish scales pattern stamped into it.

The Zinc Alloy Shell makes it feel weighty and solid, and it has a nice easy grip trigger, the mag is also made of metal and the gun its self is painted in a gold finish.

On the gun there are front and rear fixed iron sights on the top slide of the pistol.

On testing, this gun was very accrete and powerful with 0.20g pellets; it comes with a small pack of 0.12g pellets in the box. on testing this was firing up to 250 fps.

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